Tromox Electric Motorbikes in Sweden

The world has well and truly embraced electric vehicles as a viable and efficient means of transportation. Electric vehicles are now a household concept in the world of four-wheelers because of so many notable companies entering the space. Tromox is one company that is changing the landscape of electric motorbikes in both Asia and the rest of the world. Sleek, futuristic and innovatively designed, the Tromox electric motorbikes are head and shoulders above all its competitors. Their two models, the Tromox Ukko S and the Tromox Mino-B are its two standout models that have helped the company become prominent players in the EV space.

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Tromox the Company

Tromox is the company behind the Tromox Electric Motorbikes. It is a Chinese EV technology company vying to be a leader in electric motorcycles and intelligent mobility. The company is best known for releasing its two most famous models – the Tromox Ukko S and the Tromox Mino-B, which are internationally acclaimed electric motorcycles. Its products integrate cutting-edge design with data-driven intelligence, ensuring safety, style, and efficiency on the road.

Elscooter Sweden is the exclusive distributor and seller of the Tromox brand and has in its range the Tromox Ukko S and Tromox Mino-B electric motorcycles.

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Tromox Ukko S – The King of All Tromox Electric Motorbikes

The Tromox Ukko S is the most premium offering amongst all Tromox electric motorbikes. The bike seat height is just under 30 inches, meaning that it is convenient for short individuals also. The motor connects to high-tech lithium batteries and intelligent sensors along with a digital instrument cluster.

The Tromox Ukko S is a very convenient mobility device to own and love. Its fast charging capabilities mean that it can charge up to 80% of its battery in just 60 minutes. This said, there are mobile phone devices that do not possess such fast charging capabilities. When driven on eco mode, the battery promises a range of over 160 kilometers of smooth, silent, and pollutant-free driving. For most cities of the world, that is enough for your daily commute and leisure. This Tromox electric motorbike is 100% electric because it emits no exhaust fumes or noise. This makes it environmentally friendly and easy to use. The central engine design provides stability and safety for the driver.

The Tromox Mino-B Electric Motorcycle

Contrary to its counterpart, the Tromox Mino-B is the leaner and more miniature of the two Tromox electric motorbikes. While the Ukko S compares to any ordinary motorcycle, the Mino-B is smaller in frame and height. It is perfect for short-heighted riders and women because of its convenient sizing. The Tromox Mino-B boasts greater endurance and is better integrated with technology. The motorcycle has a lithium battery and is run on a 2500W electric motor. Producing a torque of 110Nm, the motorbike reach speeds up to 45 km/h. This is a pretty cool top-speed considering the size of the motorcycle. On a full charge, the Mino-B can reach up to 75km in driving range.

While both are electric motorcycles, The Tromox Mino-B and the Tromox Ukko S have one basic difference. According to the European Union classification standards, the Tromox Ukko S is an electric motorcycle, while the Mino-B is an electric moped. This is mainly due to the difference in battery size, top speed, charging capacity, body frame material etc. Another important difference is that the Mino-B cannot accommodate more than one individual at a time. This is not the case with the Tromox Ukko S motorcycle.

Nonetheless, it is certain that both the Ukko S and the Mino-B are great electric motorcycles that have the capability to transform mobility as we know it!

The Tromox Mino-B Electric Motorcycle

Buy Tromox electric motorbikes at Elscooter Sweden

Tromox electric motorbikes have made their way to Europe. Elscooter Sweden has in its range two of the most popular Tromox electric motorbike models around. Both the Mino-B and the Ukko S are available at the Elscooter Sweden online store.

As a leading online retailer of electric motorcycles and mopeds, Elscooter promises first-class pre and post-purchase services. We’ll be there at every step of the way as you take your first steps towards the future, today!

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